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La Luna and Our Ocean


The moon illuminates my mind 

like a sun beam on a flower.

dreaming comes natural 

to those with desire like

La Luna, releasing her emotions

and thoughts to the ocean,

an extension of me, her silhouette-my soul;

an affirmation of all the things I believe, I control

a motivation in me to be everything I can be

sitting under the fullness of the moon

soaking her energy.

"exploit your energy" she says to me,

between our cosmic connection-

crespescular sagacity-

dreaming comes natural,

"you can be anything you want to be".

(published in The Perpetual You Magazine)

The Earth recycles her self
and is recycled through me.
I am but a chain of genes;
an inception of Nature.
— Earth, T. Elizabeth, Solidus Literary Magazine
The morning earth rests, brittle,
Its air frozen, crisp,
Inhaling, tingling,
my spine, my core, my being.

The morning sun rises, brisk,
Its structure on fire, circling,
Warming, embracing,
my spine, my core, my being.

I stand receptive in the first light,
I Melt,
I Shed,
I Revive.
— T. Elizabeth, Solidus Literary Magazine
I am a flower,
as the wind curves,
the earth spins,
I stand strong, protecting
my stem—soul,
petals—my being.
— T. Elizabeth, Solidus Literary Magazine

Maternal Beauty Marks

veins of life, roots of earth,

rivers of rich blood traveling

through valleys- illustrations

of maternal growth

and children who've

burrowed beneath our skin

and our mothers',

our grandmothers' 

and forevermore-

connected through

maternal beauty marks.

(published in Mother Muse Magazine Volume II)


sweet dreams and open hearts

There are moments—

I find my mind and my heart dancing together,


when one fights for future,

the latter sings to slow time.

I allow my heart to open wide

for little ears to listen, I try…


his eyes are shut, his fingers tapping the beat 

of its dance, as he whispers its rhythmic sounds over. 

his head buries further into my heart,

and I realize these are the moments

that one day will end. 


her body lies stretched over mine,

her palm feeling the beat

of its dance, as she hums a melody

of somewhere id like to live forever. 

her head buries further into my heart,

and I realize how quickly the moon awakes;

how each ‘sweet dreams’ is a moment of life passed.

There are moments my heart is open wide—

my soul unites my mind with it,

so together they can tap a melody 

of sweet dreams and open hearts.

(published in Mother Muse Magazine Volume I)