Dear Bryce, {November 3, 2016} / by Taylor McCarthy

He’s always been an observer. he taught me to slow down more and look at what was around me. he’s showed me that everything can be a miracle again, by the way he stares at the moon or the waves or the leaves dancing with the wind. he’s amazed me with his development and young independence and showed me confidence. he’s taught me about love. he’s cared for me and made me smile when life was at lows. he not only observes his surroundings but feels them, understands them in his little yet vast mind, remembers them. he tells stories of observations from months past and places that set his heart on fire. he’s tricked me with his words and he’s yelled at me and he’s made me crazy. but, he’s made me feel more goodness than I could have ever felt before I was gifted with his soul growing in my womb.