Mad Hippie / by Taylor McCarthy

I am 24 year old stay-at-home mother who finds more wrinkles on her face and gray hair in her hair line each time she looks in the mirror... I wish I could say I was joking... 

When I became a mother, the stresses of taking care of my children left lots of my own needs absent. I hardly ever wear makeup, I've straightened my hair once in the past year, and my showers tend to be 5 minutes long (much shorter than the abnormal 45 min shower I'd take as a teenager... yeah I really liked to sit and let the water just fall on me... it was really peaceful haha)... and I am okay with all of that, but the wrinklessss. eh. I took care of myself a lot a lot alottttt more pre-motherhood, and, unfortunate for me, leaving a self-care regimen aside for years now has me wishing I hadn't. 

So let's get back on track: I wanted something that would help me, not something that would 'help' me (but really harm, for example: chemicals and synthetic ingredients). Something that'd liven, brighten, tighten my skin in a natural and healthy way. I also wanted to keep the sun from burning and thus wrinkling my skin. When I began searching for skin products, I came across Mad Hippie. 

Some of the things I liked about Mad Hippie before trying their products:

  • They care about Mother Earth. Their products are made with the only BPA-free, fully recyclable airless pumps on the market. The print with soy inks. Their entire facility runs off of alternative energy

  • no harmful chemicals, parabens, synthetic color 

  • $1 off every web sale is donated to The Wildlife Conservation Network

  • Award Winning skin care products

  • Born in Portland, Oregon, USA

  • Can be found at your local Whole Foods, among many other stores


When I asked Mad Hippie about the products and regimen I should use based off of my skin problems and location (sunny Florida), they recommended three products: Vitamin C Serum, Antioxidant Facial Oil, and Facial SPF. 

The Vitamin C Serum

This serum features an uplifting antioxidant blend that will brighten, tighten, and smooth your skin. It contains ferric acid, which is primarily found in plant cell walls, and has been studied and found to double the UV protective effects of Vitamin C. 

Antioxidant Facial Oil

This oil features free radical fighting, hydrating ingredients that will hydrate your skin. It contains organ oil, which is oil from a morracan tree, and very rich in fatty acids and compounds that soften and smooth the skin. It also contains camu camu, an antioxidant rich berry found in the Amazon that has 30 times more vitamin C than an orange.

Facial SPF

This SPF is an all natural cream activated with zinc oxide that provides full spectrum UVA/UVB protection. It contains added antioxidants that will help stop the aging of your skin, which is a result from free radical damage due to sun exposure.

My Mad Hippie 5 Minute Skin Regimen

  1. drink a glass of water

  2. wash and dry your face

  3. mix 3 drops of the serum + 3 drops of the oil onto your hand, apply to face and neck

  4. for morning regimen: apply SPF on neck and face (be sure to apply 15 minutes before going outside, and to re-apply every two hours)

  5. for evening regimen: apply moisturizer 


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This post was sponsored by Mad Hippie.