The Power of Art / by Taylor McCarthy

Once you let art into your soul, into your mind, into your self, then it becomes not only essential to you, but also influential to you through the slightest bits of each day. 

Everything is inspiration.

Everything is art.

Everything is a canvas that has been painted by nature and animals and humans alike. 

The welcoming of art allows you to see this. 

It doesn't even have to be a thing, but a something that promotes feeling; a word or phrase, a freckle or scar, a cloud or sea or sky or rock.

The bland color of that rock becomes a gray you almost had never imagined, or perhaps never before perceived; it fades into hues of pewter which naturally contrast the speckles of navy and deep periwinkle splattered all over its body. And while you stare at that rock and notice its immense detail, you feel its inspirational presence pulling your mind to places it has not yet traveled.

You become inspired. And thankful. For art showed to you the true value such a thing could hold.