Painting with Nature / by Taylor McCarthy

I love to go on walks and find pieces of nature that catch my eye... but what's best about going on nature walks is that you can also use nature. As an artist, one of my favorite things to do is use flowers as 'paint'. It gives me the ability to work with nature herself, feel her energy, and meditate while creating something natural. Twigs or leaves or flowers can also be used as 'brushes'. 

step 1: find a tranquil space

I mostly become mentally stimulated whilst diving deepest into my soul and self, thinking of what lies beyond while simultaneously appreciating what is--the beauty that has originated around me. In order to create, I need to be in the right mind set, but also in the right space--somewhere that enhances my creative mind. Keep walking, and listen to your soul tell you when it is calm.

step 2: gather

Gather things you'll need beforehand, that you may not find on a walk: paper, water, tea, a bowl, a paintbrush if you prefer one, etc. Before my walk, I gathered a vintage sterling silver bowl, tea bags, paper and brushes, and sea shells. During my walk I picked lavender and sun-colored wildflowers, found fallen leaves, and a little rock.

Then, I chose to set my belongings on top of a wooden table that sits beneath a tree (*this is where I felt most calm*). The sunlight peaked through the openings of tree's leafs, allowing for shadows to cast onto the table and dance around joyfully. 

Take the foraged flowers: crush them and mix with water or tea! I picked them apart and placed them into the sea shells, crushed them with a rock and added a tiny bit of water to them.

                                                                                                      Rain Filled Clouds

step 3: let your mind run

I didn't know what I was going to do with my found and foraged supplies until I allowed mind to calm. I am always thinking about the mountains, looking out to them and feeling their sturdiness resting into the earth, so naturally that is what I 'painted'. I let my hands and wrists act without thinking, and I am happy with my end result. 

I would love to see your end products or hear about your experience! Please comment below.


© Taylor McCarthy, 2016.