Note To Self by Taylor McCarthy

All you truly have in life is to allow yourself to accept. Accept everything that comes your way, with gratitude. Everything happens for a reason, your outlook directs it's future. 

Ten Things About You Two by Taylor McCarthy



1. I love how you call muffins "muffin mans" no matter how many times I subtly correct you.

2. I love your love for animals, and how every time you see a baby animal you say "awwwwww, a baby ___".

3. You love to look for the moon, always have and I hope you always will. You love Daddy's moon tattoo.

4. You love Einstein: the Baby Einstein collection and Little Einsteins show, but also reading about Einstein himself. And Thomas the Train, you read that book every night before bed. And your trains are your favorite things to play with. You also like to color and draw circles. 

5. The other day I asked you if your food was good, and you replied, "it's so good.. it's dangerous" and I think I peed a little.

6. You have a temper and you think that an "awww" + kiss and hug will outweigh any bad behavior.... so, we're workin on that ;)

7. You've just recently became potty trained and you're doing amazing! Only a few nights of accidents and you got the hang of it. I am so proud! And now Blaire is following your big boy footsteps! 

8. You can't go anywhere without Elephant/Ellie or Blankey, and your a super comfort freak. Always need to be dressed comfortably. Your sheets are 100% cotton and your bed is always made extra comfy... anyone who knows me well knows that this is how I am. 

9. Your hair is so cute and curly and most of the time looks like Einstein's, but I love it.. especially when you let me brush it and then it curls into these bouncy banana curls <3 And you are always telling me and Blaire, "beautiful hair!" and I love it haha.

10. You haven't stopped singing your ABC's every five seconds for the past couple of weeks. And Old MacDonald. and Head Shoulders Knees and Toes. And Row Row Row Your Boat. And you can also count up to 13. You like to repeat the rhyming words to "at," which I am super excited about because it'll help you to begin reading! 


1. I love how you say "cock-a-doodle-dude" like Bryce. 

2. Your gaining some more dancing styles and its cracking me up. You really love oldies, classic rock just like me... but you can get down to some rap here and there.. like me :) It's too funny to watch you dance all the time. It makes me happy.

3. You can talk so much! Three to four word sentences. You're incredibly smart and can catch onto things so easily. You can sing your ABCs up to G (when you want to). You sing "e i e i ooooh" with Bryce. 

4. Your laugh is contagious and listening to you and Bryce laughing together is the best thing I have ever heard in my entire life.

5. Your little raspy voice gets me every time you talk.

6. You know exactly what you want, when you want it. And you have a temper too! Oh no! Two under two with tempers... You also know just the right way to get on Bryce's nerves, so you use that against him ;) sibling problems. 

7. You love your hair being in a pony, and you've started to become a little girly girl with a tom boy soul (love that-- its how I always was). You can do anything a boy can do... but in a cute dress <3

8. I can't go anywhere without 780 people stopping us to say how beautiful your eyes are. You got those from your Daddy.

9. You love your turtle (which was one of your first words) and your blankey. You are also a comfort freak like Bryce and me.

10. You like to point to your head, hair, eyes, nose, mouth, ears, toes, but especially your belly button. Idk why but your always pulling up everyone's shirts to see their "buttons". 



Mad Hippie by Taylor McCarthy

I am 24 year old stay-at-home mother who finds more wrinkles on her face and gray hair in her hair line each time she looks in the mirror... I wish I could say I was joking... 

When I became a mother, the stresses of taking care of my children left lots of my own needs absent. I hardly ever wear makeup, I've straightened my hair once in the past year, and my showers tend to be 5 minutes long (much shorter than the abnormal 45 min shower I'd take as a teenager... yeah I really liked to sit and let the water just fall on me... it was really peaceful haha)... and I am okay with all of that, but the wrinklessss. eh. I took care of myself a lot a lot alottttt more pre-motherhood, and, unfortunate for me, leaving a self-care regimen aside for years now has me wishing I hadn't. 

So let's get back on track: I wanted something that would help me, not something that would 'help' me (but really harm, for example: chemicals and synthetic ingredients). Something that'd liven, brighten, tighten my skin in a natural and healthy way. I also wanted to keep the sun from burning and thus wrinkling my skin. When I began searching for skin products, I came across Mad Hippie. 

Some of the things I liked about Mad Hippie before trying their products:

  • They care about Mother Earth. Their products are made with the only BPA-free, fully recyclable airless pumps on the market. The print with soy inks. Their entire facility runs off of alternative energy

  • no harmful chemicals, parabens, synthetic color 

  • $1 off every web sale is donated to The Wildlife Conservation Network

  • Award Winning skin care products

  • Born in Portland, Oregon, USA

  • Can be found at your local Whole Foods, among many other stores


When I asked Mad Hippie about the products and regimen I should use based off of my skin problems and location (sunny Florida), they recommended three products: Vitamin C Serum, Antioxidant Facial Oil, and Facial SPF. 

The Vitamin C Serum

This serum features an uplifting antioxidant blend that will brighten, tighten, and smooth your skin. It contains ferric acid, which is primarily found in plant cell walls, and has been studied and found to double the UV protective effects of Vitamin C. 

Antioxidant Facial Oil

This oil features free radical fighting, hydrating ingredients that will hydrate your skin. It contains organ oil, which is oil from a morracan tree, and very rich in fatty acids and compounds that soften and smooth the skin. It also contains camu camu, an antioxidant rich berry found in the Amazon that has 30 times more vitamin C than an orange.

Facial SPF

This SPF is an all natural cream activated with zinc oxide that provides full spectrum UVA/UVB protection. It contains added antioxidants that will help stop the aging of your skin, which is a result from free radical damage due to sun exposure.

My Mad Hippie 5 Minute Skin Regimen

  1. drink a glass of water

  2. wash and dry your face

  3. mix 3 drops of the serum + 3 drops of the oil onto your hand, apply to face and neck

  4. for morning regimen: apply SPF on neck and face (be sure to apply 15 minutes before going outside, and to re-apply every two hours)

  5. for evening regimen: apply moisturizer 


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To learn more about the ingredients within these products, please visit their website at

This post was sponsored by Mad Hippie.

Wandering the Farm by Taylor McCarthy

My kids constantly want to run around outdoors naked and barefoot. On a farm, you can do that, or you can invest in clothing that is so comfortable it makes them feel naked ;)


The mama and artist behind Little Mountain Kids hand dyes her clothing with flower and veggies, and most of her clothing is sustainably sourced and made from 100% organic cotton. In these photos, Blaire wears her indigo hand dyed clothing.

Follow her Instagram feed @littlemountainkids

Dear Bryce, {November 3, 2016} by Taylor McCarthy

He’s always been an observer. he taught me to slow down more and look at what was around me. he’s showed me that everything can be a miracle again, by the way he stares at the moon or the waves or the leaves dancing with the wind. he’s amazed me with his development and young independence and showed me confidence. he’s taught me about love. he’s cared for me and made me smile when life was at lows. he not only observes his surroundings but feels them, understands them in his little yet vast mind, remembers them. he tells stories of observations from months past and places that set his heart on fire. he’s tricked me with his words and he’s yelled at me and he’s made me crazy. but, he’s made me feel more goodness than I could have ever felt before I was gifted with his soul growing in my womb.

Painting with Nature by Taylor McCarthy

I love to go on walks and find pieces of nature that catch my eye... but what's best about going on nature walks is that you can also use nature. As an artist, one of my favorite things to do is use flowers as 'paint'. It gives me the ability to work with nature herself, feel her energy, and meditate while creating something natural. Twigs or leaves or flowers can also be used as 'brushes'. 

step 1: find a tranquil space

I mostly become mentally stimulated whilst diving deepest into my soul and self, thinking of what lies beyond while simultaneously appreciating what is--the beauty that has originated around me. In order to create, I need to be in the right mind set, but also in the right space--somewhere that enhances my creative mind. Keep walking, and listen to your soul tell you when it is calm.

step 2: gather

Gather things you'll need beforehand, that you may not find on a walk: paper, water, tea, a bowl, a paintbrush if you prefer one, etc. Before my walk, I gathered a vintage sterling silver bowl, tea bags, paper and brushes, and sea shells. During my walk I picked lavender and sun-colored wildflowers, found fallen leaves, and a little rock.

Then, I chose to set my belongings on top of a wooden table that sits beneath a tree (*this is where I felt most calm*). The sunlight peaked through the openings of tree's leafs, allowing for shadows to cast onto the table and dance around joyfully. 

Take the foraged flowers: crush them and mix with water or tea! I picked them apart and placed them into the sea shells, crushed them with a rock and added a tiny bit of water to them.

                                                                                                      Rain Filled Clouds

step 3: let your mind run

I didn't know what I was going to do with my found and foraged supplies until I allowed mind to calm. I am always thinking about the mountains, looking out to them and feeling their sturdiness resting into the earth, so naturally that is what I 'painted'. I let my hands and wrists act without thinking, and I am happy with my end result. 

I would love to see your end products or hear about your experience! Please comment below.


© Taylor McCarthy, 2016.

The Power of Art by Taylor McCarthy

Once you let art into your soul, into your mind, into your self, then it becomes not only essential to you, but also influential to you through the slightest bits of each day. 

Everything is inspiration.

Everything is art.

Everything is a canvas that has been painted by nature and animals and humans alike. 

The welcoming of art allows you to see this. 

It doesn't even have to be a thing, but a something that promotes feeling; a word or phrase, a freckle or scar, a cloud or sea or sky or rock.

The bland color of that rock becomes a gray you almost had never imagined, or perhaps never before perceived; it fades into hues of pewter which naturally contrast the speckles of navy and deep periwinkle splattered all over its body. And while you stare at that rock and notice its immense detail, you feel its inspirational presence pulling your mind to places it has not yet traveled.

You become inspired. And thankful. For art showed to you the true value such a thing could hold.